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Wastewater Department

The Town of Granite Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant was originally constructed in 1969 as a 0.450 MGD contact stabilization plant. In 1986 the plant underwent a major renovation and upgrade, with the original
plant becoming part of a 0.900 MGD oxidation ditch system. The plant currently operates as a Grade III facility, treating approximately 0.450 MGD of commercial wastewater.

The Town of Granite Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant implements a secondary biological process utilizing Activated Sludge Treatment consisting of grit removal, screening, aerated oxidation ditches, secondary clarifiers, chlorination, dechlorination, and aerobic digesting of waste solids which
are lime stabilized for vector and pathogen reduction and applied as class AB@ biosolids.

The collection system consists of 46 miles of sewer lines ranging in size from four inches to sixteen inches. There are currently 19 sewer pump stations. Granite Falls has 2234 residential customers and 243 commercial customers.

The Laboratory operates as a State Certified Lab maintaining certification through yearly testing and inspection. The laboratory currently tests for the following analyts: pH, Total Residual Chlorine, Conductivity, and Disolved Oxygen.

Annual Reports

General Information

Granite Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant
Responsible Entity:
Town of Granite Falls
Mailing Address:
PO Drawer 10 Granite Falls, NC 28630-0010
Phone Number:
(828) 396-7111 and Fax: (828) 396-8526
Facility Location:
60 Meandering Way Granite Falls NC 28630
Person in Charge:
Chris Graybeal, Water Resources Director
NPDES Permit Number NC0021890
Land Application Permit Number WQ001618

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